Biofeedback and Anxiety

Biofeedback and anxiety relief go hand in hand. Biofeedback is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for anxiety. Quantum Biofeedback using the EPFX SCIO can tap into your vast superconscious and identify the primary sources of your anxiety.

As well as the physical symptoms of anxiety, bio feedback can also identify any mental or emotional symptoms you may be experiencing. Once any anxiety symptoms are uncovered, the EPFX SCIO immediately formulates and sends you a series of balancing, harmonious frequencies.

Biofeedback and anxiety relief go hand in hand.

These balancing frequencies greatly assist in reducing anxiety in most clients. A set of regular sessions creates a pattern of wellness whereby you become attuned to these new harmonious frequencies. You may start to experience more peace and calm.

Quantum Biofeedback accesses your deepest unconscious areas, to reveal hidden sources of anxiety. It brings them to the surface and balances them energetically, to gradually reduce your anxiety.

Biofeedback Uses

Biofeedback uses include programs for anxiety and the associated symptoms. Using the Acu Meridian program we can identify and relieve any blocked meridians associated with anxiety, allowing for ease of energy flow. We may access the NLP relaxation training programs and balance any mental or emotional factors related to your anxiety.

One of the many symptoms of anxiety is headaches. With respect to headaches the EPFX SCIO contains some excellent biofeedback headache relief programs. Once again we would use the Acu Meridian program to balance any blocked meridians and restore energy flows in this area. Then we would activate the dis-ease lexicon which simultaneously uses several of the main balancing programs to target this specific symptom and balance it with the appropriate frequencies.

Additionally, as anxiety can cause muscle tension (a pre-cursor to certain headaches), we can use Muscle Re-education and Pain Management programs to further alleviate your discomfort.

I can speak from personal experience with regard to headache stress relief. A little while ago I had a very bad headache. My wife, using Quantum Biofeedback, was able to substantially relieve it within about 60 minutes of the commencement of biofeedback relaxation training.

The Quantum Biofeedback device is well suited to deal with anxiety and related issues. There are a multitude of programs our skilled practitioners can choose from. After a few sessions, we confidently predict you will start to regain your equilibrium and live a more harmonious life.

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