Biofeedback Relaxation Training

The main reason for having biofeedback is to condition yourself to relax on many levels. We call this "Biofeedback Relaxation Training".

Through having regular sessions, you can gradually train yourself to relax a little more each time. You can steadily move towards creating a pattern of wellness, experiencing more calm and less anxiety. This can have a positive effect on your emotional health and wellbeing.

The SCIO is the most advanced biofeedback machine available to facilitate this outcome.

Benefits of Biofeedback Relaxation Training

  • Painless, relaxing and non-invasive
  • Effortless stress relief
  • Promotes self-healing capabilities
  • Wholistic (whole person) orientation
  • General balancing or targeting specific areas
  • Ability to run multiple balancing programs simultaneously

Biofeedback is painless, relaxing and non-invasive.

How Biofeedback Can Improve Your Health

  • Improved health without medication
  • Experience more calm and peaceful feelings
  • Improved ability to overcome addictions
  • More awareness of positive lifestyle choices
  • Age gracefully, look younger
  • Improved clarity and mental acuity
  • Pain management and relief
  • More energy and zest
  • Increased ability to balance a busy life
  • Better relationships at home and work
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • More ability to pursue your life's purpose

Relaxation Leads to Self-Healing

The ability to relax is crucial in allowing yourself to activate your self-healing capabilities. The unconscious part of you is then ready to initiate any balancing or healing required.
By reaching for a more relaxed state, using Quantum Biofeedback, you allow yourself to heal on all levels, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). You relax and just allow your stress to dissolve. As you start to feel better your life experiences are smoother and more enjoyable.

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