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During a typical session you can expect to receive a range of different Biofeedback Techniques. The EPFX SCIO offers multi-modality balancing. To begin with, we run three main programs concurrently which are backed up by a selection of sub-programs, all running at the same time. An experienced Biofeedback Consultant selects the right programs to balance you on many levels simultaneously.

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For those who wish to explore how the EPFX SCIO works in more detail, please watch the 3 videos below.

This video (Part 1) explains about stress management using biofeedback. It also contains some detail on how the EPFX SCIO produces a matrix of items, sorting them into 3 different levels, according to the client’s reactivity.

This video (Part 2) explores in more detail the usage of the different filters available in the main matrix, which isolate specific areas such as emotions, flower essences, homeopathic signatures, herbal signatures, hormones, fungus, enzymes and allergy signatures, etc. It also highlights some of the programs available on the main programs training page.

The final video (Part 3) delves deeper into the multitude of programs available in the software. It explains how the EPFX/SCIO, after interfacing with client electronically, can apply the biological feedback obtained to correct any energetic imbalances.

Your Biofeedback Session

You will be connected to the EPFX SCIO with a headband, wrist and ankle straps. This provides a 2-way interface sending electromagnetic signals to your body in a comfortable, non-invasive manner. The SCIO is connected to a computer. You are tested against a database of over 10,000 preloaded substance frequencies. The results are then discussed and bioenergetic stress reduction programs are selected and given, to assist in restoring your equilibrium.

Elizabeth Fisher, biofeedback therapist located in Carum Downs, Melbourne, Australia.
Hello, I am Elizabeth.
I am your Biofeedback Therapist.

My intention is to gradually help you move towards a more balanced, joyful state. This will allow you to intuitively move forward in your life with clarity and purpose.

If you would like to know more about me please refer to the 'About Us' page.

Using the SCIO, I can determine the stressors and stresses in your body. These stresses can reveal why there are blockages. The SCIO can also reveal the levels of oxygenation, hydration and toxicity. It may also reveal why you feel so tired and fatigued, why you are in so much pain, why you feel depressed, or why you have digestive stresses, etc.

We can accurately pinpoint, and restore energy flows within the subtle Human Energy Field.

We prioritize the main areas of concern and balance these first. Before beginning your session you may indicate a specific issue you wish to have balanced. We will then select the appropriate Biofeedback Technique
(or techniques) to address the area of concern. We balance and reduce the stress in the area indicated. Stress is often the underlying cause of any problem you may be experiencing.

It is normal to feel quite relaxed during a session. You may even take a short nap. Occasionally we may show you the monitor for some visual feedback on some of the changes or balances taking place. For a couple days after a session we recommend no alcohol, plenty of water and early nights, or extra rest if possible. This allows your superconscious to integrate any changes quickly and smoothly.

An initial session will take 1.5 hours which includes inputting answers to a few simple questions, which helps the biofeedback consultant and the EPFX SCIO to gain a clearer profile of you. Subsequent sessions normally take 1.5 hours as we can commence your balancing session immediately. We also offer distant healing sessions, just state your desired session in the booking form.

Price: Each Session $130 (1.5hrs)

It is wise to consider having about 6 sessions over a 3 or 4 month period. This gives you ample time to see and experience the subtle yet profound changes afforded by the application of Quantum Biofeedback techniques. The EPFX SCIO is without a doubt one of the most advanced tools for wellness available today. Our Stress Management section contains a list of some of the main Biofeedback Techniques.

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