How Distant Healings Work

You may be wondering just how distant healings can be received by someone thousands of miles away. When a loved one moves overseas you still have that bond of love that transmits easily and spontaneously across thousands of miles. They easily feel your transmission of love. In a similar way Quantum Biofeedback stimulates the flow of energy and information to allow self-correcting energies to be transmitted to you wherever you are.

You can also transmit positive energy to someone with prayer. This is a further demonstration of our ability to affect a transfer of energy across varying distances. It is well documented that prayer has been proven to influence the outcome of a person recovering from illness. A double-blind study by cardiologist Robert Byrd on nearly 300 patients showed that the patients who were prayed for had better outcomes than those who didn't receive prayers.

Distant healings can be

The core of our being is love.
Many spiritual teachers say that 'love energy' underlies all existence. The vital force that we are trying to reconnect to when we are looking to regain our state of wellness is 'love energy'. The universe is conscious and intelligent and reacts to our feelings, thoughts and intentions. Quantum Biofeedback allows you to interplay with this vital force, allowing it to respond to your intention for happiness and wellbeing. We all have the ability to harness this universal force to mould and shape our lives as we wish.

Stress causes blockages in the flow of this universal energy. We can easily lose our direction. Our emotions are our guidance system giving us constant directions to get us back on course. Positive emotions are telling us we are on track. Negative emotions are telling us to change direction. We at Well for Life have a compassionate intention to assist you to heal yourself by utilizing our 21st century technology. The cybernetic loop created between your superconscious and our EPFX SCIO computer allows you to unconsciously make the necessary energetic adjustments. This allows you to change course in your direction towards improved moods, better health and ultimately a better life.

We are not here to suffer. Our true nature is to be creative, happy and healthy. We are part of an active, intelligent, ever-expanding universe. If we go with the stream of universal energy we should live lives of expansion, freedom and joy. Sometimes we get off course and experience unhappiness and even poor health. The EPFX SCIO is programmed to tap into your superconscious. It allows you to interface with the various stress-reduction programs to assist you to correct your own energetic imbalances. Our skilled practitioners select the appropriate programs to expedite this process.

Distant Biofeedback Session

We can do this equally at a distance or in person. People from very distant places can now have access to this marvellous technology. You may be in a distant corner of the globe or a few hundred miles away. You can now enjoy the advantages of Quantum Biofeedback distance healing techniques. We call it "Working in Subspace". It is a patented technology invented by Professor William Nelson. If you have a focused intention to heal on any level of your body, mind or spirit then distance is no barrier. Our belief systems often govern the outcomes in our lives. If you keep an open mind at least, or even partially believe that distant healing may work, then you may be surprised at the results.

We have personally experienced some excellent results in our own lives using this technology. It is especially rewarding to see positive results from clients utilizing this distant healing technology. It proves to us that we are all deeply connected.

Your distant healing session using biofeedback can take place while you are sleeping.

World Clock Meeting Planner

Use the World Clock Meeting Planner to plan the time when you would like your appointment for a distant healing session.

Simply select the date you would like a session, then select Melbourne as the first city, and then the city/area you are in as the second location.
The Meeting Planner will show you the correlating times in both cities, and you can then enter your suggested time(s) into the booking form link below.

We can schedule your appointment at a time when you are relaxing, perhaps even sleeping if you are in another time zone. Clients often report that they can feel the energy. Some clients who practise yoga or meditation are sometimes more sensitive and aware of the transference of these energies. Whether you feel anything or not, does not affect the outcome. We will assist you to gradually experience a full flow of vital force (or energy) to allow you to have a happy, vibrant life. To book a distance healing session just complete the booking form and we will be in touch with you to confirm your booking.


  • Each Session $80 AUD (1.5 hours)

To locate you in the vast Quantum Energy Field, we require only your name, date and place of birth. Every person on the planet has a unique resonant frequency. Our patented "Sub-space" technology locates you easily using this information. It is just like dialling someone on a cell or mobile phone in another country. We will also schedule a post-appointment phone call to discuss the outcome and any issues relevant to your biofeedback session.

There is an innate intelligence attached to the energies or frequencies that are transmitted by the EPFX SCIO. Combined with your positive intentions and the compassionate intention of the practitioner, the EPFX SCIO is a wonderful tool we are placing in your hands to heal yourself with. It allows you to manage and reduce your own stress by your unconscious selection of the appropriate restorative frequencies.

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