Foot Detoxification

Foot detoxification is a safe effortless means of cleansing your body. The Dr. Mary Staggs Ionic Detox foot spa allows you to initiate a natural body cleansing by supporting your body's own systems of elimination. There is no need to go on special diets or take numerous pills with this system. Other forms of detoxification such as colonic irrigation, can be very challenging for some people.

Foot detoxification - a safe and natural body cleanse using a Detox Foot Spa


Micro-circulation is the flow of blood through the vascular networks. These include arterioles, venules, capilliaries etc. Micro-circulation is responsibile for the carrying of oxygen and nutritional matter into our tissues. It is also the means by which waste products are passed out of our tissues (i.e., carbon dioxide, lactic acid and metabolic production). The better the micro-circulation, the more oxygen and nutrients are provided to the body. This accelerates our self-healing mechanisms.

Poor micro-circulation can cause damage which begins at the molecular level where cells are unable to properly flush normal by-products and toxic pollutants. This clogs up our system. Micro-circulation failure can trigger many illnesses, especially chronic conditions. It can therefore be a cause or contributing factor to some very undesirable health conditions.

Detoxification Footbath

During a 20 to 30 minute detoxification footbath session the colour of the water will change. Along with a change in pH, this indicates the unit is producing an electrical current in the water, and that polarity is being generated by the electrodes in the array. The result is electrolysis and the generation of an electro-magnetic field. Electrolysis causes the precipitation of substances dissolved in the water that have ionic capacity, including those on the skin or in the pores of the feet submerged in the footbath.

The water, due to its content of ionic salts, becomes magnetized and because the magnetic field is picked up by body fluids, it extends up through the body. The numerous reflex zones in the feet being treated are stimulated by the electro-magnetic energy being generated. As a consequence, stimuli are conveyed to the different organs and bodily systems. The result is a mobilization of residues and waste products together with a natural stimulation of the organs responsible for drainage and elimination of harmful substances from our body.

Changing water colour as the detoxification footbath does its work, cleansing the body of toxins.

If you are 30, 40 or 50 years old then you have spent as many years reaching your present state of health and toxicity. We urge you to consider following a regular Mary Staggs Detox stimulation and detoxification program. We wash, shower and clean the outside of our body daily. How often do we cleanse on the inside? If you are in pain, tired or feeling run down, why not consider having a foot detox? We offer a Single Session or a Multi Session Package (payable at commencement of first session). Just state your desired option in the booking form below.


  • Each Session- 30 minute Session: $100                      
  • (Please allow 40 mins for total session time)

**NOTE: For people who have had an organ transplant or have a pacemaker (or any battery operated implant) then the ionic foot spa is not suitable. The ionic foot spa is also not recommended for pregnant women, haemophilliacs, or epileptics.

In some cases the bio-electrical stimulation/ detoxification may cause tiredness as your body is realigning after the release of toxins. Eventually, most people experience improved energy levels as the toxic load on their system is gradually reduced. We recommend drinking plenty of water before and after the session and getting some extra rest if required.

The Dr. Mary Staggs Ionic foot bath is one of the most advanced body detoxification products available today. It is an easy, safe and effective way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic fields of the body, thereby promoting better organ function and self-detoxification. Both Quantum Biofeedback and the Ionic Detoxification Foot Spa are excellent methods of balancing the body's bio-energy system. Let us help you boost your energy levels and rediscover your zest for life.

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