The History of Stress

The Hans Selye Stress Model

The concept of "stress" was originated by Hans Selye (1907 - 1982). He was an MD from Montreal Canada, and a pioneer in understanding and explaining the concept of stress.

The history of stress originated when he first began to see the correlation of ongoing stress reactions and chronic ill-health. He understood that symptoms ran much deeper than was assumed by the simplistic Medical Model.

Once stress symptoms are experienced, if the Stressor is not identified and removed, our bodies go through a series of predictable phases with the Stressor. Stress detection and reduction fits in very well with the principles and application of Quantum Biofeedback. By removing stress and stressors using Quantum Biofeedback our body naturally returns to balance or homeostasis.
This is holistic stress reduction.

Read about the history of stress. The Three Phases of Stress

Selye identified three primary phases of how the body deals with stress. The human body is intelligent. Consequently if a stressor goes undetected and remains a longer-term factor, our body will shift from a healthy Alarm response and go into the Adaptation phase. With time, Adaptation can develop into a more serious Exhaustion phase.
Let us look at these three phases.

The Alarm Phase

Although it doesn't sound like it, this is the ideal phase. A person in Alarm is generally reacting appropriately to their immediate environment, and is likely to be sensitive to the body's signals. They identify Stressors as they encounter them and make the best decision regarding them, such as avoidance. They return to homeostasis fairly easily. They are consciously interacting with their environment.

Adaptation Phase

Over time a less perceptive person may ignore bodily signals and assume that a particular symptom is just part of who they are. When a Stressor becomes an on-going issue, our body attempts to adjust to this. This may lead to chronic elevated stress-hormone secretion. This can create a spiralling effect of chronic inflammation, deregulated digestion, dysfunctional breathing patterns, etc.

All this masks the original symptom related to the Stressor, leading to a false sense of security. It is often assumed that if you have no symptoms then you must be healthy. We can now see that lack of symptoms does not mean absence of disease. In this Adaptation phase, the Stressor is still at work but only on deeper, submerged levels, negatively affecting cells, tissues, organs, etc. The person involved is unaware of this deterioration going on inside them at these deep levels.

The Exhaustion Phase

Over time and continued exposure to a Stressor, even the ability to Adapt can break down. Stress can just keep building up in our body. For example, Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) identified that emotional stress builds up in our muscles and tissues over time, but can be released with massage.

During Exhaustion, the hormonal stress response of our body is severely challenged, particularly the Adrenal/Kidney complex. The ability to resist further Stressors is inhibited and the Immune system is compromised.

It is during this phase that inherited or constitutional weaknesses are most likely to manifest. This is a time for rest, rejuvenation and primarily, discovery and removal of the chronic stress patterns. Quantum Biofeedback specializes in the identification and removal of these chronic stress patterns.

The Exhaustion phase is the state most likely accompanying a diagnosable disease, indicating that Disease is the end result of a long relationship with our Stressors. With Exhaustion, we often see a re-emergence of the original symptom that was repressed during Adaption. This is a part of our body's signalling system and also a natural expression of the 'healing response'.

The Quantum Solution

Quantum Biofeedback using the EPFX SCIO is designed to manage and reduce stress levels. The EPFX SCIO is the latest in an evolving range of biofeedback machines. It is one of the most advanced ways to deal with stress. The earlier you can identify a Stressor (in the Alarm or Adaptation phases), the more chance you have of preventing chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Quantum Biofeedback practitioners are relieved of the burden of needing to 'diagnose or treat' anything other than Stress! We can take the time necessary, using our advanced technology, to ascertain and balance your deepest and often complex stress issues.

A 'Stressor' in Quantum Biofeedback includes subtler forms of stress including mental, emotional, psychic and non-local factors. Let us help you find your balance with Quantum Biofeedback stress management. We will show you how to relieve stress, allowing you to live a long, fulfilling life.

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