What is a Holistic Practitioner?

People often ask, "What is a holistic practitioner?"
Holistic practitioners are primarily concerned with vibrational frequencies, energy flows and assisting you to maintain your inter-connectedness and integrity within the Quantum Energy Field.
We are all just one energy.

A holistic approach to managing your own health may involve utilising one of the newer types of alternative medicine such as Quantum Biofeedback. If you are seeking holistic alternative medicine, then Quantum Biofeedback may be for you. It will assist you to maintain a clear connection with the Quantum Energy Field and experience a full flow of "Life Force" or Energy. We call this Quantum Wellness.

Energy Medicine

A holistic practitioner can help you with your energy flows and may use Quantum Biofeedback.

A human being is much more than just the body. We operate within multiple fields beyond the realm of our physical body. We are sustained, protected and energized by our intake of food, by activity, by our connection with spirit or source and also by the layers of our auric fields or subtle energy bodies.

We need a harmonious relationship between the physical and metaphysical aspects of our being. The interface between the physical and the subtle bodies is governed by a central force called the Vital Force. This involves the various acupuncture pathways in our physical body and connects the chakra systems within each of our subtle bodies.

We have seven main chakras or "centres of spiritual energy" located in our bodies. Chakra means wheel or circle, so we may
think of a chakra as a wheel of energy or even a vortex. These chakras spin and open us up to higher dimensions. Healthy spinning vortexes allow full flow of vital force. Energy enters through our chakras, going into the meridians which transport the energy into our physical nervous system. The energy is then transmitted to the endocrine system which affects a hormonal transfer of energy to the bloodstream. The energy is then passed into our cells.

A build up of stress can interfere with this natural process causing energy blockages and discord between our subtle bodies and our physical body. It is like cutting off or reducing our connection to our Source Energy. Energy Medicine is the process of removing these energy blockages, facilitating a purer connection with our Source Energy. This Vibrational form of medicine heals the disharmony between our physical and subtle bodies.

Using holistic Quantum Biofeedback technology we can impart subtle electrical frequencies to unblock your energy channels. We can rebalance your chakras to allow a full flow of Vital Force. We can harmonize the electromagnetic waves of your auric field. This will assist you to function in harmony with the Quantum Energy Field. You can allow in all the energies you require to enjoy a smooth, effortless life.

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