Professor William Nelson

Professor William Nelson is the inventor of the Quantum Biofeedback device. Although it was once called the QXCI William Nelson registered it with the FDA as the EPFX (Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid).

He was born in 1951 and raised in Warren, Ohio USA. Early in his developmental years Professor Nelson was recognized as a genius. His early interests in quantum physics and electronic engineering led him to work for General Motors. They were sub-contractors on the Apollo 13 space project. He worked on the complex navigation systems. This taught him about multiple vectors of shape.

After his son developed autism he turned his genius and focus towards medicine and health. He couldn't find any solutions in allopathic medicine so he turned to complementary alternative medicine. Using natural methods he alleviated most of the symptoms of his son's autism. After this he started researching several bio-electrical devices such as Vega, Moll, Mora, and some biofeedback units. These were the first bio-electrical devices to measure the "body electric". They either diagnosed problems or transmitted corrective frequencies, but they could not accomplish both tasks simultaneously.

Professor Nelson studied the human body's subtle energy systems including energy flows, auric fields, muscle testing and chakras. He quickly recognized many benefits in these alternative Energy Healing health modalities. He mastered many different fields of knowledge. These include mathematics, computer science, electronics, medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, quantum physics and energetic medicine.

Combining all his knowledge and experience, he strove to design a complex, holistic, computerized medical device. He wanted one that could both identify and correct imbalances in our physical and subtle bodies. He knew that our subtle bodies (or auric fields) were early warning systems for dis-ease that would later manifest in our physical body. He combined all known modalities of Biofeedback and Stress Reduction into one of the most powerful, computer-based programs available today.

Professor Nelson on the QXCI Computer

The Biofeedback QXCI or EPFX SCIO as it is currently known, was born. It is constantly being updated, expanded and improved. With it's 200 programs it is the most comprehensive, alternative medical software package available today. It has the cybernetic capability to identify energetic aberrations and immediately return corrective frequencies to our "body electric" at biological speeds.

The EPFX SCIO gathers electro-physiological data through 60 channels simultaneously. This helps prioritise your main areas of concern. These areas of concern can range from nutritional, mental, emotional, digestive, food sensitivities and geopathic, to name a few. Additionally, the EPFX SCIO can apply approximately 100 different restorative energies to your body electric to help you achieve energetic balance, or quantum wellness.

In addition to making this marvellous device available to the world, Professor William Nelson has written 20 books on Natural Medicine as well as numerous articles on the subject. He has also written "Promorpheus", a book on Quantum Medicine. He holds six patents in Energetic Medicine. He has lectured in over 30 countries. He has been a Professor of Medicine for over a decade and has taught at several colleges and universities.

Due to the politics of health in America, Professor Nelson moved to Budapest, Hungary in 1993. As well as the demands of lecturing in many countries he is involved in constantly updating his computerized stress reduction system, the EPFX SCIO. He has also set up a homeopathics company called New Vistas in Hungary and Ireland. Finally, he has a film production company called "Change the World" which is dedicated to making the general public aware of the politics of health and the economic interests that underlie the synthetic drug industry.

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