Stress Causes

Stress causes are many and varied. We have tried to isolate the main causes of stress to help you identify some of the biggest causes of stress in your life. As you will see below there are many different types of stress, which in many cases can be managed and reduced with Quantum Biofeedback.

There are many stress causes, here are the most common ones.

Main Causes of Stress

  • Allergens
    Such as pollen, car emissions, pollution, chemical residues, specific foods and beverages, to name a few are all major causes of stress.

  • Addictions to Harmful Substances
    These include substances such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and other drugs (precription and non-presciption). All of these, if used excessively can be very harmful, thereby causing stress.

  • Bacteria and Viruses
    Bacterial and viral infections reduce the effectiveness of our immune system, slow down bodily functions, reduce the supply of nutrients and reduce bodily and mental energy, thereby causing stress.

  • Chemicals
    Such as cleaning agents, growth hormones, herbicides, insecticides, paints, etc, attack the immune system and generally weaken us.

  • Dehydration
    Caused by lack of water intake, too many caffeine type drinks, or too much junk food, greatly compromises our body's ability to function.

  • Employment Issues
    Lack of employment, being employed in a vocation you do not love, pressure at work or the challenge of trying to change jobs are all stressful situations.

  • Emotional Issues
    Such as the death of a loved one or a family pet, sickness in family, caring for elderly parents, family fueds, divorce, etc, have all been shown to be major causes of stress.

  • Financial Problems
    Are a major cause of stress, often causing breakdowns in relationships.

  • Fast Foods
    Which may include trans fats, partially hydrogenated fats, artificial colourings and flavourings, artificial preservatives, aromatic agents and finally, sweetening agents. These are all toxic to the human organism, leading to various psychological and medical conditions.

  • Heavy Metals
    Are very prevalent today in our environment, whether they be in our water, traces in our food or the fillings in our teeth. Mercury, arsenic and lead are very detrimental to the natural functioning of many of our major organs causing major stress on our body.

  • Lack of Exercise
    A sedentary lifestyle can compromise bodily functions thereby causing stress.

  • Lack of Sleep
    Caused by overbusy lives, poor lifestyle choices, sleep apnoea, insomnia, etc, gradually wears us down, lessening our immunity. The associated fatigue and reduced immunity to disease are all prime causes of stress

  • Low Self Esteem
    Caused by negative conditioning in our childhood or inherited or gradually developed in our day to day life, can be a major obstacle to a stress free life.

  • Microwave Radiation
    From mobile phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, computers, televisions, mobile phone towers, etc, can interfere with, and disrupt our subtle human energy field, thereby causing stress.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies
    Caused by poor food absorption, genetically modified foods, irradiated (imported) foods, foods grown in nutrient deficient soils, candida, poor diets, all cause stress on our bodies.

  • Ongoing Medical Conditions, Diseases and Disorders
    Whether diagnosed or not, whether being treated or not are all known to cause stress.

  • Overworking
    Leading to fatigue, disruptive sleep patterns and less time available for family and friends is another primary cause of stress.

  • Pain
    Of any kind including physical injury, mental trauma, emotional trauma or psychological issues is one of the major causes of stress.

  • Parasites
    Are known to infest the human body, zap the body's nutrition and energy, thereby causing stress.

  • Prescription Drugs
    The side effects can be far reaching. too many to name.

  • Relationship Problems
    Lead to a variety of issues including family breakups, etc, which can cause emotional trauma which can shut down some of our bodily functions, compounding our stress.

Although the main causes of stress are plentiful, Quantum Biofeedback Stress Management is one of the newest, most revolutionary ways to relieve stress. You can feel confident that you can take advantage of one of the most exciting new stress relief techniques available today, to alleviate your stress and live your life to the full.

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