What is Biofeedback

So what is biofeedback and how can it benefit you?

Biofeedback is a form of Bio-electrical Energy Medicine.
It has taken a quantum leap in recent years due to the amazing work done by Professor William Nelson. Bio-electrical Energy Medicine is the management of energy flows and maintenance of appropriate resonant frequencies in the human energy field. Our energy field is made up of our body and the auric field surrounding it. Our aura is our first line of defence. It is an early warning system. Many Energy healers believe that dis-ease starts in our auric field before it manifests in the body.

We are essentially just 'energy' and we are all interconnected in a Quantum energy field. Our bodies are indeed electrical. Our entire autonomic nervous system runs on electricity. We have a myriad of different frequencies that make up our vast electrical circuitry, all controlled by our superconscious. There is far too much going on at any particular time for our conscious mind to fathom. This is left up to the subconscious or, more accurately, our 'superconscious' mind. Biofeedback taps in and utilizes the vast data bank of our superconscious.

How Biofeedback Works

Holistic Practitioners understand the enormous benefits of Biofeedback. It has evolved over several decades with research conducted in the fields of Bio-electrical and Bio-resonance medicine (Electro-dermal screening, Vega, Mora, etc). The (EPFX)SCIO is the most up to date, complex Bio-electrical device available today. Quantum Biofeedback working through sixteen different electrical factors of the body, calculates an accurate measurement of your Electro Physiological Reactivity.

The Reactivity results are based upon the ability to establish a "Trivector" connection. This gives an energetic 3 dimensional view of your current reactions to over 10,000 test items. These items include a diverse range of compounds such as herbals, minerals, tissue, enzymes, hormones, bacteria, nerves, pathogens and toxins, to name a few. The SCIO biofeedback device interfaces with your body electric, inputting the energetic signatures of these 10,000 compounds. The reactivity of these items are measured for 1/100th of a second (the Xrroid process).

The bio resonance of your system is measured by determining the 'evoked potential' or 'reaction' of your body to these items. The SCIO scans your body like a virus check on a computer and measures the reactions against a 'baseline' or 'norm'. After collating these reactions, it is then able, using various programs suggested by the client's superconscious, to send back balancing frequencies to train you to return to your ideal energetic balance.

During a biofeedback session, individual factors pertinent to your lifestyle and wellbeing may be indicated. We empower you with this information so you can make your own lifestyle choices in the future.

We re-train your body and its unconscious systems to react more beneficially in the future. Quantum Biofeedback is truly the most advanced Stress Management program available today. Learn to manage and reduce your stress, and gradually improve the quality of your everyday life.

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