What is Emotional Health?

So what is emotional health and how can it influence our day-to-day life?

Emotional health is our ability to maintain our emotional balance through a range of situations, including the ups and downs of everyday life. Whilst our emotions may occasionally range all the way from despair to joy, an emotionally balanced person quickly bounces back from emotional set-backs, easily moving back up the emotional scale towards hope, happiness, and eventually joy.

There will always be times of sadness and grief in our lives. It is wise to not linger for very long in these negative emotional states as it can have a detrimental impact on our lives. According to our current emotional state we attract 'like circumstances'.

Achieving emotional health and wellbeing with biofeedback.

Whilst we can't automatically jump from despair to joy we should be trying to gradually reach for a better emotional state, gaining momentum as we move up the emotional scale.

When we have been compromised emotionally by excess sadness and grief or any strong negative emotions our physical body is affected. In our physical effects of stress section we cover this in more detail. Emotional issues can be addressed, balanced and entrained using Biofeedback. This helps to synchronize the different aspects of our being. When we are balanced emotionally it has a very beneficial effect on our general health.

Biofeedback & Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Our intention as Quantum Biofeedback practitioners is to bring balance to your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies by selectively choosing from the vast range of modalities and programs available in the SCIO software.

After being tested against our database of over 10,000 preloaded Trivector signatures that commonly interact with the human body, we can determine the appropriate harmonizing frequencies to impart. This assists you in moving towards a state of emotional health and wellbeing.

Clients often mention a variety of emotional health problems prior to a biofeedback session. These are often emotional issues that the client is aware of on a conscious level. As the SCIO computer interfaces with your superconscious, the real emotional picture may be different to what you are consciously aware of. Most clients, once made aware, can identify with many of the deeper issues that are uncovered in their superconscious, during a Quantum Biofeedback session.

There are a range of programs we can access to entrain you towards a state of emotional balance. We can give you a snapshot of the myriad of programs available to a skilled practitioner to assist you in your emotional healing.

Here is a list of a few programs we may access to alleviate any emotional health problems you may be experiencing.

  • Aura Cleanse & Chakra Balance

  • What is emotional health and what can we do to improve our level of emotional health?
  • Electro-Acupuncture

  • Iridology Balancing

  • Flower Essence Training

  • EEG Brain Wave Training

  • Neurotransmitter Frequency Training

  • NLP Emotional Growth Training

  • Relaxation & Feel Good Training

  • Trivector Energy Flow Training

  • Colour Therapy Training

  • Autonomic Nervous System Training

  • Emotional Phase Stabilization

Our bodies are electrical in nature and respond well to the subtle stimulation provided by the harmonizing frequencies being imparted during the running of these various biofeedback programs. All of these programs help to improve your emotional health, fostering a feeling of wellbeing. This creates a synergy between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that make up your whole being, or existence. As you gradually move up the emotional scale you attract better people and circumstances into your everyday life. The better you feel the better life gets.

Another solution to the question of what is emotional health is really just the ability to systematically and deliberately move towards more joyful emotional states. We can always be intentionally trying to move in this direction. The only real goal in our life is happiness.

Quantum Biofeedback, using a range of programs can greatly support you in your goal for emotional wellbeing. It is difficult sometimes to deal with these issues on your own. Let us assist you with our leading-edge technology. You can sit back, relax and enjoy some Biofeedback Relaxation Training. By giving you an emotional boost, Quantum Biofeedback can propel you on your journey towards happiness and joy.

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